Irene L. -
”As an athlete with no formal training, I've always just done things - often with mixed results. I have definitely ended up injured - and have been forced to take off several weeks at a time to recover. This year, while I was recovering I decided to take on my first big objective in several years, and wanted take a different approach.  I talked to Andi about my objectives - which were to successfully run a marathon in 10 weeks, and to do it without injury, and without pain.

Working with Andi changed the way I move. We put together a training plan that included specialized movements  and a mostly daily routine that addressed things you maybe don't always work as a runner, but absolutely need. The whole core, shoulders, TOES! We approached the program with injury prevention at the forefront; we trained through existing problems, met periodically and addressed issues as they came up. My calves stopped hurting, even after long runs on hard pavement. I had zero injuries, and increased range of motion in my hips, and better mobility in my knees and ankles.

So 10 weeks later, I was uninjured, and felt ready, and it went great. The highlight for me was crossing the finish line still feeling ok, and having an obviously more experienced runner call out "nice running form!" as I passed.”

Dave Hardwick -
”Fitness is just part of who I am - I've been doing at least 3 workouts a week for most of my adult life. As a 'Masters' category athlete, I really hate that term, my focus of late has turned towards addressing problems rooted in movement, or, more accurately, reversing the reduction thereof. A close friend of mine recommended Andi's classes at VW after receiving my most recent tale of woe, and to class I went. Initial results were positive, and they were accepting of my smart-ass comments in class, but the big changes started happening after about 8 weeks or so of work, as well as some 1:1 sessions to focus on specific areas of concern (Can you say 'my hamstrings are tight'?). The range of movement in all my joints increased, along with everything moving much more fluidly. Lower back pain lessened. On long day hikes with a fair amount of vertical, knee pain intensity dropped significantly. Precision on the wall improved, and my climbing ability, as measured by route ratings increased by a notable amount. FRC principles are now part of may daily fitness regimen, and am looking forward to continued improvements in my moving about the wilds.”